Women clothing

We all know how hard it is for women to keep up with the trends of fashion because as time passes by, clothes along with other fashion accessories like shoes, bags and the like keep on getting expensive as well. And because most of these items come from other countries, there’s more value added to it. It seems impossible for some Filipinas to purchase branded items for their brand new price.

In this page, you will see branded items being sold for a very low price. If you plan to sell your second-hand pieces as well, you can go ahead and upload the items on this page because there is a big market of Filipinas looking for branded items. In fact, even stylists take pieces from this page so they may use it for work. You can definitely dispose of your items right away.

Make sure to upload your items along with accurate information. All sizes must be accurate so as much as possible, instead of using S, M or L, use measurements. In addition to this, include the condition of your item. Since this is a website for second-hand branded stuff, women won’t mind if your items are 2 years old as long as you are transparent when it comes to their condition.


Men clothing

Men enjoy shopping the most when they can get a good deal. In fact, when it comes to shopping, men are actually smarter; women, more impulsive. If you sell second-hand branded clothes and other items for men, you have a big chance at making a lot of money.

In this page, you will see branded items for men. If you are a seller or merely someone who has the knack for buying and selling the items in their closet, you may go ahead and upload them in here. Men are very meticulous when it comes to details because as mentioned they will want to get every centavo’s worth.

The key to making a sale to a man is the right advertisement platform like this one. Include all necessary details regarding the item you are selling so your potential male buyers know what to expect – less space for disputes.

Happy selling!